Our Technical Competencies

GSIPL is an ISO 9001:2008 certified offshore surveying and services company with almost nearing a decade of experience in India and abroad. Our vision is to simplify the use and deployment of technology and, at the same time, provide all the functional richness a client needs, in a worry–free technology environment. We have successfully completed eight years of offshore survey services where in we design and manage Geo-Technical investigation projects using Geological, Geophysical and Geochemical surveying programs, overseeing the analysis, implementation and compliance for all  the major Oil, Gas and Offshore construction industries from India, South East Asia, UAE, Saudi Arabia and US. We have proved our courage in this field by working in diversified field conditions and projects along East Coast of India, West Coast of India, Indian Ocean, Arabian Gulf, Persian Gulf, and South East Asia.

We, at GSIPL are empowered with well qualified, experienced and enthusiastic team of human resources who are from specialised disciplines viz., Surveying, Electronic-Mechanical-Electrical-Computer engineering, Geophysics, Geology, Oceanography and CAD-GIS Processing, who are putting their best effort for a world–class, robust, cost–effective execution of offshore projects with unmatched technology and competence. We have an advantage, as GSIPL owns almost all the equipments, software & hardware required for above mentioned operations/projects/applications. We adopt the most relevant, advanced technologies to deliver a full range of offshore survey projects and services, which is quiet reflective from our clientele list.

From our offices in India, we offer a wide range of services including Hydrographic, Geophysical, High resolution 2-D Seismic surveys, Pipeline Inspection, Rig Positioning, Barge Positioning, Tug management, offshore wind farming, outsourcing of state-of-the-art equipments and our expertise. We also provide instrument application development services, its application maintenance, and offshore outsourcing. Our team is skilled in the use of offshore survey & geophysical survey application software and we maintain our own development toolset and library.
We are skilled in our field of offshore service development and we leverage the latest technology and toolsets to design, develop, maintain and offer the best for clients and partners alike. Our cross–platform technical competence ranges from designing simple interactive database solutions to complex management systems and is based on the most advanced procedure, policies, frameworks and devices. Our team skills are always current and provide ample training and opportunities for professional and skills growth. This continuous improvement philosophy ensures that our team has the most current technical, interactive and management skills and can better serve our clients and partners.

Our organisation has a solid technical background with a completely dedicated state-of-the-art engineering facilities. The workshop facilities contain an array of equipments which are used for various projects as mentioned in the preceding paragraphs. This facility also houses a fully equipped tool room, computer room, fitted with the latest and high end systems which provide a source for 'hot' spares for contract clients, and secondly for product training.

Clients have access to use our facilities to accustom their engineers with products that may be coming onto support. Continual investment for in house and external training for employees maintains our familiarity with emerging technology.






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