Genesis of GSIPL - Our Timeline

In 2003, the year of inception of Geostar Surveys India Pvt Ltd., the founding members did so based on the new tools, techniques and knowledge they had developed from decades of their experience in the field of offshore survey and Offshore Geo-Science investigations. They believed that there will be real commercial applications for some of the breakthroughs in the field of Oil & gas exploration industries in the near future which they had been making in the field of Offshore Geotechnical Engineering studies. They also realized that the need of the hour is to give potential application in the field of offshore Geo-engineering to all the oil & gas and offshore construction industries from India and abroad. Some of the first potential applications including simple hydrographic survey to Pre-construction, Anchor Clearance surveys to Post construction-As laid surveys. And these investigations are of critical importance for the long-term health of any Oil and Gas field and so as to the economy of a nation.


In the last one decade as the Indian market opened up for participation of Global companies in the field of Oil and Gas exploration, new plays were discovered with huge reserves of Oil and gas which in turn paved the way for rapid transformation and growth coming at an incredible pace. These breakthroughs were made possible by advances in technologies, instrumentation and high-performance computing. These advances, many of which are directly attributable to the scientific breakthrough in the field of Oil and gas exploration have enabled offshore survey service providers to readily sequence and analyze the need of the hour.

In this regard, Geostar Surveys India Pvt Ltd [GSIPL] made significant progress by successful execution of small projects to larger ones. This ability led to their development in the field of Offshore Survey and Geo-Engineering and now they are capable of designing, planning and implementing the offshore survey projects to a bigger level. By owning almost all the equipments required for offshore survey project, they have ignited a new uprising in the field of offshore exploration and engineering, which holds the promise to transform many industries. GSIPL now emerged as one of the major leader of this field, with development and application of next-generation offshore tools toward large-scale commercial applications. This is a short history of our young and dynamic company; our milestones can be understood by having a glance at our clientele list, and the science upon which it was founded.





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