Construction Support Services


GSIPL specializes in Construction Support Services with state-of-the-art equipments and highly skilled technical personnel, as the Oil and construction companies are dependent on detailed seabed soil and bathymetry data in order to perform detailed engineering for template, platform installations, pipeline routes and power cable routes. GSIPL has an extensive track record in all aspects of seabed mapping. This includes Pre-engineering, pre-construction, and post-construction surveys. Geoscientists provide detailed investigation preconstruction reports for marine pipeline and flow line routes assist route engineers in routing and cable armoring decisions on telecommunication surveys and produce marine geo-hazard site survey reports.

Subsurface structures & Pipeline Inspection Services

Inspection of oil and gas pipelines is a significant part of the scope in this segment. GSIPL operates spreads providing survey and inspection to both oil & gas producing-sharing companies and offshore contractors. GSIPL’s portfolio of specialized equipments and dedicated, skilled personnel, and company’s resources can add value to pre-installations route and site surveys making the company an attractive partner for subsea construction support.


GSIPL offers acoustic positioning services in a wide variety of offshore work, including oil and gas exploration, ocean sciences, salvage operations, marine archaeology, and law enforcement. Our surveyor shall provide positioning and navigation by using the acoustic positioning system and successfully involved in positioning of platforms, pipelines, jackets, SPM, PLEM and others.








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