Dredging and Coastal Reclamation


GSIPL has acquired extensive experience in geotechnical and geophysical site investigations, surveys, studies, design, specification and supervision for:

  • Coastal and port developments including land reclamation and beaches.
  • Maintenance of port approach and navigation channels, turning basins and berths.

GSIPL's activities have provided comprehensive experience of the wide variety of dredging methods and types and sizes of dredging equipment. GSIPL also has experience of the survey equipment and methods used for monitoring and controlling dredging, as well as for the determination of volumetric quantities. We utilise state-of-the art numerical modeling software, which is commercially available.
Our expertise in this field includes:

  • Design, specification and supervision of dredging
  • Dredging methods and equipment
  • Navigation studies and maritime risk assessment
  • Siltation studies






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