GSIPL undertakes contracts for clients that range from offshore exploration, construction and telecommunication companies to government agencies and harbour authorities. The company’s key services include:

  • Hydrographic and geophysical surveys
  • Seabed mapping, Debris clearance and seabed leveling surveys
  • Rig and platform site surveys
  • Offshore pipeline route surveys
  • Marine cable route surveys
  • 2D high-resolution data acquisition and interpretation
  • Shallow gas hazard analysis
  • Sediment sampling and in situ testing
  • Pipeline and cable trenching recommendations, and
  • Offshore wind farming & Tidal power generation projects
  • Cathodic protection survey services

Seabed morphology is a vital component for offshore engineering and construction works. So ‘Bathymetry survey’ provides the basic information regarding the seabed morphology. GSIPL’s commitment to work has further enhanced the scope of this work as per the industrial requirement with application of Multibeam bathymetry survey services by providing better image of the seabed morphology.

The role in understanding the GSIPL’s Geoscientists routinely produce marine geo-hazard site survey reports for the oil and gas industry. These reports evaluate and identify the subsurface geology [shallow stratigraphy] of the seabed or in the foundation zone where hazardous subsurface features or unstable soil conditions exist. The reports comply with the Minerals Management Service's most recent guidelines regarding platform, drill site placements, pipe lay and harbor constructions.

Geotechnical or other soil property measurements can be correlated with the geophysical data to determine the horizontal continuity of the soil conditions at the site.
2D seismic data can be used to determine if drilling hazards, such as shallow gas pockets or shallow water flow conditions exist at the drill site.

GSIPL’s employees are from a variety of background and specializations to provide best promising service and working with advanced survey technologies enable GSIPL to support clients whether they are working in shallow in-shore waters or at full ocean depth.







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