Bathymetric Surveys


GSIPL provides a single, trusted point of contact for all your survey and rig positioning needs. Positioning is the principal and most significant component for all the survey and engineering operations on land and at sea. GSIPL is providing Survey Positioning solutions in all the Oil & Gas acreages across East coast, west coast, Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf and Arabian Gulf. GSIPL service offers unprecedented real-time, DGPS positioning with a high accuracy by application of innovative techniques. With a proven track record and experience, GSIPL operates everywhere in most challenging locations with a dedicated team focused on finding cost-effective solutions for the future, while GSIPL’s highly skilled offshore surveyors are committed to providing client-focused support around the clock. We provide complete service in support of Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODUs) and production including:

• Rig moves: Tow outs, Inter field movement, alongside platform jack-up and acoustic re-entry
• Surface Positioning with Real Time QA/QC
• Positioning, heading control and hook up
• Subsea well-head positioning
• Anchor Handling and Anchor drop positioning
• Multi-vessel positioning and barge management



Topographic surveys:

Land and Coastal Survey Services
Combining proven surveying practices, advance technologies and skilled personnel, GSIPL provides customers with mapping for all of their inland and coastal needs with land surveyors and civil engineers by deploying GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM, AUTOLEVEL, TOTAL STATION [Leica & Trimble] with Data Collectors, AERIAL IMAGERY for reconnaissance reference and wide range of mapping & processing softwares.

Our personnel are experienced in cadastral, boundary, topographic, hydrographic, precise horizontal and vertical control, shallow water hazard surveys, preliminary pipeline surveys, depth-of-cover/as-built pipeline surveys, construction stakeout of pipelines and quantity/volume surveys. These surveys were conducted for Government and state agencies, oil and gas companies, offshore construction companies and other industrial and private entities.



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